Tuesday, August 7, 2007

truly no cause for, concern right?

Ezra got a card in the mail today from his new teacher. What a nice gesture! What a sweet thing for her to do! Except that all I can think about is how she told him it would be a "fun exciting, year."

But it doesn't matter that she has no idea where to put her commas. Right? Right? Kindergarten kids don't learn that shit. They don't even learn how to spell. They just make it up. Like, if I were in kindergarten, I would have written, "Thay just mayk id up," or something like that. And I would have gotten a gold fucking star for my efforts goddammit, or there would have been hell to pay and my attorney father to answer to.

Maybe she's great at teaching kids how to read. Maybe she can work wonders with pipe cleaners and googly eyes and glitter glue. Maybe she takes her class on nature walks, and listens well, and shows them by example how to be respectful. Maybe she smells good.

And I mean it. I'm not being facetious. I'm tired of falling prey to my own snobbery. It limits me; it limits my connections to other people. It's a defensive stance. I'm going to try to do it differently. Really try.

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Someday Scientist said...

The comma thing would irk me, as well, but I'm known to be picky about grammar and spelling.

And with luck, she's all those things, which is what's important, because commas aren't really important when it comes to kindergarten.

(Hopefully, the first grade teachers will understand proper use of commas?)