Sunday, July 22, 2007

they're probably pretty good drivers

During the renovation of our home, there was so much foundation work that had to be done that our back yard was transformed into a giant dirt pile. Recently we hired some landscapers to grade it and put down sod. It's just a small narrow strip, but we're delighted that it's there at all, and when the boys come inside it's not an absolute given anymore that they'll be covered in a layer of dirt, though it certainly still happens often enough.

Now that our yard is functional, Stupid Daddy decided it would be fun to hang a swing from one of the trees, because he's handy like that, and also, unlike me, he has a sense of play. So this morning we all went to Home Despot to purchase supplies. The boys and Lilah entertained themselves by taking things off the shelves and crawling behind stacks of boxes to get to the inner recesses of the on-the-floor stock (from which they did indeed emerge covered in a layer of dirt).

At one point, as Stupid Daddy was deciding which rope to get to ensure that nobody would die from swing-related injuries, Levi pulled a particularly heavy-duty length of twine from one of the bins.

"Let's get this," he said. "I want this rope."

"Nah," I said. "We're not going to get that. That's for a gorilla swing."

"A gorilla swing?" he said. Then he started laughing. "How could a gorilla drive all the way here?" And he laughed some more at the thought of it. Because you see gorillas on swings in people's yards all the time. But a gorilla behind the wheel of a car on its way to the store: now that's comedy.

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texasgurl said...

Well, he has a point, now. Gorillas do like to swing; I know I've seen that on Saturday afternoon Tarzan episodes at least once or twice. But drive? I don't know that I've ever seen a gorilla take the wheel.