Monday, July 16, 2007

random bits

I'm too tired to post more than this, or even attempt to string it coherently together:

Ezra and Lilah woke up with runny noses, Levi with a cough, and I with a sore throat. Stupid Daddy is so far still healthy, if you don't count the possibly rotting tooth that's sending bolts of pain up as high as his cheekbone and down as low as his neck.

Today Levi turned four. "I'm four!" he told everyone he came across. I can't quite capture this kid's zest for life, but I keep coming back to this image of him from a couple of weeks ago. He was sitting at the bar, chugging a glass of milk, and when he had drained his cup, he slammed it down on the counter, wiped his milk mustache with the back of his hand, and said, in this deep, guttural voice, "I love milk so much," like it was killing him, the love was so intense, and this was his last utterance, his last breath before he died from milk-love.

Happy Birthday, you wonderful creature, you.

Also, this: Ezra and Levi were playing with a couple of bath toy sharks, and Ezra said, "Okay, Levi, now they're brothers and they're house wrestling." Then he turned to me.

"House wrestling?" he said it without certainty. "Mommy, what do you call it when we wrestle a lot?"

Roughhousing. He meant roughhousing. But I think house wrestling is at least as good.

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CarpeDM said...

Found you at Finslippy. "I love milk so much." Hee. Great posts but this is the one that made me dare to comment on a stranger's blog. Sometimes I wish I had kids. But it would be wrong to have a child just for blogging purposes.