Friday, July 27, 2007

a few of the many thoughts that are keeping me awake right now

1. Why did Stupid Daddy not come downstairs to the playroom where I was watching Me and You and Everyone We Know to say good night?
2. Me and You and Everyone We Know.
3. That home renovation tax credit I forgot to look into.
4. The settings on my relatively new digital camera.
5. What am I going to make for dinner tomorrow night for that dude from work that Stupid Daddy invited?
6. Is this hypothyroid medication going to make Ezra grow, or is he going to need growth hormone shots?
7. I have to learn how to make my blog look prettier and fancier.
8. How am I going to learn how to make my blog look prettier and fancier?
9. How am I going to get Ezra to school by 8 once kindergarten starts when the other two don't have to be anywhere at any particular time and everyone often sleeps well past 7 and if there's one thing I absolutely can't stand to do, it's wake up my kids?
10. I better get to sleep soon if I'm going to survive tomorrow.
11. Is Moxie going to have explosive diarrhea during the night again?
12. etc. etc.

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texasgurl said...

getting up to blog is a good thing to do when you can't sleep. sometimes it's the only time I manage to get it done.