Tuesday, July 24, 2007

so I ask you, in the end, who came out on top?

Again with the pressure to post every day. Though actually, I see that it is now 12:02am, which first of all makes me an idiot for not having gone to bed already but also means that it is, technically speaking, tomorrow, and I've failed with the post-a-day thing.

I knew somebody in college who had a name for the party pooper who is always pointing out that "tomorrow" has arrived, right in the middle of a night out when you feel you could go on forever: "tomorrow dick." Like, after many drinks at a rockin' off-campus party, you would say to some friends, "Tomorrow let's go have pancakes for breakfast if we're not too hung over to eat." And one of them would gleefully say, "But it is tomorrow!" And you would say, "Don't be a tomorrow dick!"

Please note that whatever the suggestion of the above to the contrary, I didn't actually have a life in college. I heard talk of these things called off-campus parties but rarely attended any. I definitely didn't do enough drinking or use enough recreational drugs. Most weekend nights I was alone and sound asleep well before the tomorrow dicks had a chance to strike. But I did graduate summa cum laude. So na-na-na-na-na-na.

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