Thursday, July 12, 2007

some news items

Discovery of the Day: You walk into the bathroom completely naked to get into the bath tub with your younger brother and sister. You've got a huge grin and a wee boner. "Mommy," you announce with obvious delight. "I can change my penis!"

Frustration of the Day: When you're not yet two, it's hard to accept that the little brass hinge you found on the front porch is not actually a chair for you to sit in, though you're right that it does have some chair-like qualities, and though you set it down just so on the walkway and try to wiggle your butt into it.

Error of the Day: When you're about to turn four, vocabulary can sometimes be confusing. So when your older brother asks one day what a girl's penis is called and then a couple of days later you say, just as your mom is changing into her bathing suit, "Mommy, I want to see your Chinese," you're mistaken.

Faux Pas of the Day: After you've been corrected vis-a-vis the vocab, you shout, "Vagina!" several times at the dinner table in front of Grandma and Grandma's nice friend.

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Someday Scientist said...

"Mommy," you announce with obvious delight. "I can change my penis!"

This is why people have children, no word of a lie.

This is also why people blog about them. Best remark ever. :)