Friday, April 4, 2008

in very poor taste

Me: So [my second cousin] Nate is off to play baseball with a German league for the next six months.

Stupiddaddy [pouring some honey on his challah]: Wow. Cool.

Me: Yeah. Marcia [his mom] said she has mixed feelings about him playing for Germany. Can you believe it? I mean, what are these people still holding against Germany?

Stupiddaddy: Seriously. It's 2008, folks. But can you imagine--your mom must be aghast.

Me: Yeah.


Stupiddaddy: Hey--get it? Aghast? A-gassed?

[hysterical laughter]


BrianJ said...

seriously...completely awful. i'm smiling fiercely as i type this and feeling so much less guilty for doing so by giving y'all the appropriate scolding.

nejyerf said...

he's a keeper, that stupiddaddy seriously...i love a man who can pun like that!!