Thursday, April 10, 2008

earning their keep

True, Lilah takes an hour to get to sleep every night, and, yes, Ramona often wakes us up at five in the morning because she's hungry but won't eat until one of us shakes her bowl to "freshen" the kibble. In short, it is a fact that they are annoying as hell, these two.

But then Ramona will get right in there behind Lilah in the bed and go to sleep, and Lilah--in her sleep--will fling her arm across Ramona's back, and they will stay snuggled together like this for much of the night, and just when we're on the cusp of getting rid of them, it'll all of a sudden seem like maybe they're worth keeping around.


Cheri said...


Alyssa Severn said...

That's nice. But hey, next time you're considering getting rid of that little girl, let me know. I have some beadwork and detailed embroidery that needs to be done.

Natalie said...

So cute! Our cat keeps a wide bearth from the babies, for the most part.