Wednesday, November 28, 2007

think globally, act mathematically

I seem to have temporarily lost my NaBloPoMo mojo, so I'm going to dip into my secret stash of anecdotes that I've squirreled away for just such an occasion.

A few weeks ago, before she was banned from spending any time with our evil and dangerous family, Iris came with Ezra and me to pick up Levi and Lilah at day care--something she used to do frequently in the good old days, when her mom had not yet discovered our habit of roasting babies in our basement being normal.

On the way, she and Ezra were chatting about the school news that gets broadcast into the classroom every morning. (They go to different schools but are in the same school system.) I asked them to clarify what exactly constitutes "news" in this context, and Ezra explained that, among other things, the news at his school talked a lot about saving the planet.

"Yeah, we're saving the planet, too," Iris said, looking out the window. "But we're also doing long division."


Paida said...

That IS a good anecdote.

Do you write fiction? If so, do things like that end up in your writing?

Deb Abramson said...

Aw, crap. I was hoping nobody had read this yet. I had to make some changes (including, for example, changing "know" to "no"--that's what two beers will do to me).

In theory, I write fiction. But mostly I'm too terrified. You're right, though, that this anecdote would be perfect in one of my theoretical short stories.

Melissa said...

Iris sounds like she is a wonderful girl!! I sure hope she is allowed to visit with you again soon, she needs you in her life!

Love reading you!

so NOT cool said...

I have to admit that I totally blew NaBloPoMo this year. When my husband came home, I just couldn't be bothered with the computer.

Mrs. G. said...

Next up: global warming and algebra.

Jozet at Halushki said...

I think that you absolutely need long division to really get a grasp on the global warming thing.

It helps when figuring out carbon trading. And remainders can be composted.

Deb Abramson said...

And so, Jodi/so not cool, you ended up blowing him instead?

(Sorry, but your comment was just begging for that.)

dogfaceboy said...

Big chuckles. But I am stuck on the roasting babies thing. I have to find the post, now, where you talk about being banned by another family.