Saturday, November 17, 2007

breaking the silence

They warn you about the agony of those sleepless nights, when the baby needs to nurse every hour till dawn, and then you stumble through the day--bleary-eyed and disoriented. They warn you about the way your marriage will invariably shift, and the sense of loss and mourning that follow. They warn you about losing your sense of self, your entire being subsumed by this tiny, helpless creature--and how you may or may not reclaim it as that baby grows into a child.

But what they don't warn you about is how much it fucking kills when, in your bare feet, you step on a goddamn piece of Lego.


Elizabeth Coplan said...

I winced when I read your post. How many times I have done just that. There's nothing more painful, except birthing a child of course.

Tag. I am tagging you for a Meme. Check out the rules on my site and the subsequent Blog post.A Wild Ride

I'll be back to your site soon.


MelissaB said...

OUCH!!!! I totally agree.. legos hurt like heck! New lurker here, just wanted to show myself!

Paida said...


This is not the first time I have read about this phenomenon - earlier this year this written by a friend of mine cracked me up.

{lurker - linked from Family of Five}

Rose said...

Or when you kick the swing so hard that you are convinced you broke your toe, but there's nothing to be done for broken toes anyway so you just go back to bed...

just found your blog. loving it!

dogfaceboy said...

Hahaha. Yes, this has happened to me recently. I hate Lego. Or Footo, as the case has become.