Thursday, May 24, 2007

we're having a yard sale

We've finally gotten to the bottom of every box and separated the wheat from the chaff. But because one man's chaff is another man's wheat, we've decided to sell (hopefully) some stuff off our front porch this weekend. It will feel good to (hopefully) unload things and earn a couple of nice dinners for two in the process--mountains of baby clothing, various ugly serving dishes and other whatnots we've been gifted over the years, three air conditioners (all of which, notably, were purchased during my pregnancies), Rollerblades we haven't stepped into in more than a decade, the mint condition antique desk from my beloved late father's office of 25 years (just kidding, Mom!), and more.

Anyway, here's our advertising. If I were more adept at this whole technology thing, you wouldn't have to click on the image to make the text readable. But when you do, boy is it ever readable!

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