Monday, May 21, 2007


I'm sitting here in our new office and I have to say, it's pretty grand. What a great location to pretend to be doing important work! We've kind of got a wall of windows here and no need for lights at all, and an awesome mile-long IKEA desk on which to spread out the stuff that we need to have close at hand in order to get all our pretend work done.

The windows are open and the air is dry and lovely, though I do feel guilty enjoying it, because we need rain so desperately around here; the grass is brown and the veggies are shriveling on the vines. At least the ones that grow on vines are. Shriveling, that is.

It's so nice up here, in fact, that it doesn't matter that the house directly across the way has grass growing on the roof, or that since lunch, Alex's farts have been show-stoppingly bad. Ah, spring in our new home!

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