Thursday, May 31, 2007

does this explain things a little?

For the last few days, I’ve been storming around the house furious, seething, ready to kick somebody’s teeth in. I’ve been so much bitchier than usual that Stupid Daddy has taken notice and inquired about my well-being. I believe his exact words were, “Whatever you’ve got up you’re A-S-S [kudos to him for having the presence to spell it—correctly, no less—in the presence of minors], get it out!”

To the extent that I have any insight into my crabbiness, it boils down to one long rant. Which I hate! So here, I’ve made a list of some stuff that I am just feeling so tired of. It’s still one long rant, but you’ll hardly notice because of the user-friendly format and bite-size portions.

A partial list of things I’m tired of:
being afraid to go the pool because I haven’t gotten any exercise;
being afraid to get dressed in the morning because my pants might be too tight because I haven’t gotten any exercise;
being afraid to get some exercise because I can’t face how out of shape I am;
wanting to do things and never doing them;
doing things and never wanting to;
making lunches for my kids;
hating my kids by the end of the day;
hating my kids first thing in the morning;
having contractors traipse through our house;
finding new problems for the contractors to come back for;
telling Levi that the box of crackers is not a hammer, my shoe is not a hammer, a banana is not a hammer, his sister is not a hammer;
telling Levi that his sister is also not a nail;
telling Levi that a hammer is a hammer but he still can’t use it;
being yelled at by Ezra all day long;
being scowled at by Ezra when he’s not yelling;
not getting enough sleep;
feeling like shit;
not being able to collect my thoughts enough to come up with anything other than a stupid fucking list.

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