Saturday, May 12, 2007

noteworthy events of today

1. Our garage door exploded. Parts everywhere--metal coils (not to be confused with mortal coils) boinging skyward, shards of wood raining down, oohs and aahs, applause. Okay, I exaggerate. But really, something very very bad happened, and there was the breaking of various parts, and now the door won't close. So hey, neighbors: let the looting begin!

2. Ezra went on his first sleepover date. And though we may get a phone call from Oscar's parents at 4am, he seems to have taken the whole thing in stride. When I kissed him goodbye, he was like, Okay, can I get back to playing now? I'm guessing I'll be getting a lot more of this in years to come.

Poor Levi had a hard time with it at first. When I told him he wouldn't be going too, he scowled and said, "That's not cool!" Which, no, it totally isn't, dude. When I put him to bed tonight we talked about how hard it was to get left behind. I told him not to worry, pretty soon he'd be doing the same to Lilah.

3. "last minute" "flowers" "mother's day" = saving my ass, at not too bad a price

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