Sunday, June 17, 2007

happy father's day to stupid daddy

I'm slinking in here with my tail tucked between my legs. We celebrated Father's Day with Stupid Daddy getting up at 5am with Lilah. And not only that: he let me sleep until eight-fucking-thirty o'clock. And not only that: nothing woke me up at that hour except my very own sense of feeling rested. And not only that: between 5 and 8:30, he managed to tend to all three kids and also shop for and prepare brunch for eight. And not only that: the pancakes turned out really delicious. And not only that: he spent the rest of the day helping to take care of the kids and simultaneously finishing up the shelving in our bedroom closet. Blindfolded.

Dayenu already! I feel totally worthless and undeserving. And also, super lucky that the father of my kids is such a wonderful guy. If you're expecting my usual bitterness and sarcasm, sorry. His performance today sucked all of that out of me.

Until tomorrow, anyway.

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