Monday, June 25, 2007


I've got nothing in particular to say. So, in the absence of something substantive, witty, and insightful like I usually provide, here's a picture of the closet Stupid Daddy built:

A couple of notes:

1. It's not sideways in real life. I can't figure out how to use this freaking program to rotate the picture back the way it's supposed to be.
2. The light at the top (side) isn't really shining from heaven.
3. Heaven doesn't exist.
4. We have more clothing than this.
5. You and I know that the madras tie at the side (top) is really ugly, but let's not tell Stupid Daddy. He thinks it's stylish. Then again, he wore a bow tie (he pronounces it bow TIE) to our wedding. Oh, but he looked so cute!
6. Don't ever use anything other than high-quality paint, or you'll end up doing three coats of top coat and the paint will still end up looking like crap.
7. If the shelves are in the closet and going to be filled with clothes anyway, you may not care.
8. I'm glad my husband is so handy like this. It makes up for his weird taste in dress clothing and gives me a total boner.


BrianJ said...

"gives me a total boner" ... there is way too much testosterone in your house. "Half-empty"...witty. Closet does look great. - brian

Deb Abramson said...

I'm actually turning into a man.