Thursday, June 7, 2007

all growed up

Tonight we attended my nephew Nels' graduation from high school. I got a little weepy--in part because I'm so proud of him and in part because pretty much everything makes me cry.

Stupid Daddy and I entertained ourselves during the boring parts by watching the young woman in front of us text messaging the entire universe. Her fingers just flew across her keypad; I've never seen anything move with such speed. It was that, more than the actual graduation, which made me realize that we are part of some other, older generation. And these young people--they can do things that we can't!

Before the diplomas were handed out, the lights went down for a video tribute to the graduating class. That's what they called it, anyway, but all the images were stills, which allowed some jokester graduate to guide a laser pointer around the nipple and crotch areas of the various students and teachers projected on the screen. Stupid Daddy and I could not stop laughing.

At one point during the "video," Stupid Daddy leaned over and whispered, "If you fart in the dark, does it not smell as much?"

Older, yes, but not necessarily more mature.

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