Monday, January 7, 2008

secret boyfriend #1

These are not going to come at you in any particular order, but I did feel I had to put John Krasinski first, since he's my most recent crush, and perhaps my most active.

I've only started watching The Office in the last couple of months, but I'm totally hooked, in large part because my heart melts whenever this guy appears on screen. Conveniently, Stupid Daddy has a crush on Pam, further proof that we are totally a match made in heaven, because when we have sex, we're fantasizing about besherts in an alternate universe.


Paida said...

Thank you for the "besherts" link - great word.

and yes, that boy is pretty damn attractive.

Paida said...

Hey I wanted to let you know that thanks to a stray People magazine floating around my office I learned that he is ACTUALLY dating the girl he used to date on the show - you know the dark haired banged one?

Deb Abramson said...

Oh, please. Do you expect me to believe you don't have a People magazine delivered to your door every week? ;-)

Do you mean the one that was in the office he was transferred to?

Alaine (or Lanie) said...

my best friend is also in love with Jim. I just don't get it. Maybe I need to watch the show?