Friday, September 21, 2007

my kids, they make me laugh--when they're not making me cry

This evening, Lilah was in her high chair stuffing green beans up her nose.

Earlier today, Ezra had a tantrum because he was really tired I opened the "wrong" door to the minivan. He just kept screaming, "Open this door!" over and over. I left him in the driveway and went inside because I didn't feel like dealing with his bullshit. Several minutes later he switched tracks, and from the kitchen, where I was spiking my coffee with Patron loading the dishwasher, I heard him begin this chant: "Mommy, I'm getting tired of screaming at you!"

Levi was wandering around tonight taking pictures with my cellphone. Stupid Daddy came downstairs (fully clothed, mind you), and Levi delightedly exclaimed, "Ooh, Daddy! I want to take a picture of your penis!"

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Rachel said...

I also used to stick things up my noise. when I was 2, I stuck a lego (the old, small, choke-on kind) up my nose. My mom got it out with tweezers.

Then I stuck a peanut up my nose. They had to take me to the hospital because she couldn't get that one out. :)