Wednesday, September 19, 2007

a child's guide to discipline

The other day, Stupid Daddy was hanging out with the kids in front of the house, making sure nobody got killed. Levi and Ezra were racing each other down a narrow stretch of uneven brick sidewalk, Levi on the tricycle, Ezra on the scooter, so the chances for injury were pretty good.

And indeed an injury was sustained, but not how anyone would have expected. Lilah decided she wanted to ride the scooter and tried to grab it from Ezra as he was positioning himself for another run. He resisted. So Lilah did what any pissed off, powerless two-year-old with a full set of teeth but little ability with words would do: She bit him. Hard.

Ezra started howling, and Stupid Daddy came running. He scooped up Ezra and scolded Lilah.

"Lilah," he said, with a frown on his face. "No biting. No."

"Don't just tell her 'no biting,' Daddy," Ezra said through his tears. "Kick her in the head!"

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Stacy said...

well, that's what I do when my children misbehave. It works surprisingly well.