Tuesday, May 13, 2008

in lieu of a coherent post, a few items

1. Ezra asked me if Pennsylvania is shaped like a pencil. Also: if "dying a slow death" looks like falling to the ground in slow motion. Also, on the subject of heart disease: how could he possibly change the way he eats--by eating while standing on his head? while lying on his stomach?

2. Lilah ate cream cheese for dinner. Straight from the tub. (See, I write that, and then I'm all, Stop trying to go for that "I'm such a shitty parent, but I own it, and that's what makes me so cool" effect.

But she did eat cream cheese straight from the tub.

But I chose to write about it.)

3. I've started immediately throwing the "I love you Mommy" artwork that Ezra brings home from school into the recycling. After the first 50, it stopped seeming genuine and started to seem more like a Tourette's tic.

4. Levi...middle child...can't think of anything to say about him....


KD said...

You could possibly be the best mom on the block. (I mean, c'mon look at your neighbor...)

We had a TAASC student eat an entire tub of cream cheese on one weekend trip. I laughed and asked if she had a dozen bagels to go with it.

Later, I recounted this story to her mom (laughing, once again, partly because I was amazed that this little girl could eat all of that cream cheese). The mom, who is also tiny, admitted, "Oh, I have been known to eat entire sticks of butter."

Deb Abramson said...

It's actually been quite helpful having her as a neighbor. On more than one occasion, when my kids have whined and complained, I've pointed next door and reminded them they should feel lucky.