Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I voted today

And you know what? Even though I'm pessimistic and cynical about pretty much everything, including politics, and including, at this point, even this particular election, it still felt great. Election Days just do that to me.

I loved going into the polls, and seeing other people come and go; the gravity of the process overwhelmed me. Every time I came across somebody proudly wearing one of those thumbnail-size "I voted" stickers--especially the folks who didn't mind it on a dress shirt, or the lapel of a fancy suit--I got chills. I slapped my sticker across my shirt and wore it proudly, too, until it fell off five minutes later.

I got chills, too, seeing people on street corners holding up placards for their candidates, even when it was the wrong a different candidate, but especially when it was my guy. I am absolutely not the type of person who does the friendly toot-toot-toot of her horn and thumbs up salute, but I couldn't help myself. When I saw the Obama team, I toot-toot-tooted my horn, I gave the thumbs up, I waved happily.

And while I wish this nomination had been sealed up long ago, it's nice to know my vote--the votes of all North Carolinians (even the disenfranchised--my god, 38% voter turnout in my county) mattered, though I am a little tired of fielding phone calls from everyone in the Clinton family.

So, for all its many flaws, woohoo! for democracy.


KD said...

You know, I thought the same thing about the "toot toot." I saw these teenagers on Clingman Ave with handmade Obama posters. I was on the phone with Alyssa, and she heard me cheer them. And I wore that little sticker to take my GMAT test today (yes, I didn't wash that shirt that I wore on Saturday when I early voted) and hoped that the proctor would raise my score for being such a good citizen. I liked seeing all of those signs by polling stations, too.

Cheri said...

The energy is contagious, huh?