Thursday, May 15, 2008

driving the point home

Yesterday I was having a really hard time, and as I was going through my post-shower primping routine, to the extent that I have one, I started thinking about my blog, and how I was going to write a post about what a hard time I was having. 

I began to compose the post in my head, and right at that moment, I reached down to put my hairbrush away in the vanity and slammed the drawer into my thumbnail. I have a really low tolerance for pain, as my husband is always pointing out (although I always like to point out in return that I climb Masada with meningitis when I was 14), but believe me when I say it hurt like hell, even though the drawer didn't appear to be moving with that much force. It was just one of those things that seem inconsequential but end up causing great pain, like a paper cut. Or a hangnail. 

I yelped, and then I sat down on the toilet, which was the nearest horizontal surface, and bawled for about five minutes. I also peed, because, you know, there I was; I figured I might as well. 

After that, I felt much better.

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KD said...

Good thing you were in the bathroom. Imagine if you were at Disney World and slammed your finger in the seat buckle of the Space Mountain ride and peed in your pants. You'd have to walk around with wet britches all day. The next person to go on the ride would think that you were a wimp on the ride. It would be horrid.