Thursday, February 28, 2008

self-portrait during first pregnancy

I drew this for Stupid Daddy in an attempt to convey my experience, late in the game, when I felt like a giant bubble, with all the curves just melding into one.

The truth is, I loved being pregnant, all three times. I even loved the terrible parts.

We saved this sketch all these years and uncovered it recently. I guess I'm feeling a little nostalgic now. Ezra turned six a few weeks ago.

I miss those days, when this little thing I didn't know was growing inside. I miss that sense of endless possibility and potential. And heartburn. And oh, the leukorrea....


Cheri said...

Wow. I felt just like that picture all three times. I cannot say that I love the pregnant part (except for feeling the baby move), but I loved the end result all three times, making the pregnancy part worth it.

Lovely portrait; really it is.

Kim Hosey said...

My son's turning six in exactly one week. I know how you feel. I still look at pregnant pictures of myself, or pictures of him as a baby, as if they're only a few months old. And I loved being pregnant, even the sucky parts.

I like to think there's still much potential, for us and them.

(Delurking; I recently found you from Flickr. Great stuff here.)