Wednesday, February 13, 2008

feeling the love, on Valentine's Eve

As I was getting back into the car after a yoga class at the Y this morning, I noticed there was a note on my windshield. I immediately began to wonder who the fuck had the balls to write some obnoxious commentary on my behavior, and also what the fuck I had done to piss anyone off. (This yoga, I'm telling you, it does wonders for putting me in a tranquil state of mind.)

But boy was I ever off base. Here was the note:

He/she was referring to this bumper sticker, which we have on our car (right next to this one).

Whoever you are, thank you for thanking me. You pretty much made my day.


Paida said...

Wow - that is lovely.

Many moons ago right after graduating from university I bought a car {VW Fox station wagon...} from a gay friend of mine complete with rainbow bumper sticker. I never took it off and on 2 occasions I received notes on my windshield. They were not quite as lovely - something like, "die you fag" if I remember right....

MamaBird said...

what a great valentine's day note, and so so funny your post-yoga nonzen, thx for being so hilariously honest. (just found yr blog via aaryn belfer and it's wonderful.)