Sunday, December 30, 2007

feeling guilty

Iris left about ten days ago to go to California to visit her half-sister, who is in her thirties and about five years older than her mother. (Have I ever mentioned that Iris' dad was in his late 50s when he and Sonia, who was then 18, got bizz-ay? Or that Iris lived with him for the first seven years of her life because Sonia was having some drug issues? Or that he died of brain cancer and that's how she ended up with her mom? I don't think so.)

Sonia accompanied Iris, which is strange to me. I mean, can you imagine that woman in an airport? On an airplane? With the guy in the seat to her right accidentally brushing her elbow with his elbow, and her having to "communicate" with him because he wasn't respecting her "boundaries" and her needing to have her personal space "honored"? Or her getting upset with the flight attendant for not telling her to please buckle her seatbelt? (Have I ever mentioned that once, when our neighbor Pixie asked Sonia if Iris could come out to play, Sonia said, "I'd really appreciate it if you said, 'Please,' and that once, when Pixie's dad said to Sonia, as they were arranging some time for Iris to hang out with them so Sonia could go and say her Hare Krishnas, "Well, okay, just give me a call," she told him, "I'd really appreciate it if you said, 'Please'"? I don't think so.)

So anyway, she's been gone all this time and I have to say, it's kind of nice not having her around. I didn't realize how much stress she has added to my life. Of course, I recognized that Sonia was making things a wee bit crazy for me. But I'm talking about Iris. I used to wonder when she was going to come over on her compost run, or whether she was going to stop over on her way back from the bus stop. And now? Now all I feel is relief.

And guilt.


happymama said...

OK - just found your blog today and have basically read all the archives. What a great blog! Just so you know - I did spit out my hot chocolate when reading posts from 8/16/ and 8/31 - I laughed my ass off! I have two boys and I totally relate!
Keep up the wonderful writing and check me out at bakingwithpercocet on Blogger - I should be up and running soon!
Happy New Year!

texasgurl said...

Hi Deb,
Wasn't sure how to e-mail you directly, but if this thing works like Stacy's, it should get to you. Just wanted to let you know that she got on the 10am as planned, and thus should be arriving in your neck of the woods around 5:30. I'll check flight status later and e-mail or call.
Thx for all,
Husband of Ms. F-O-F