Wednesday, March 5, 2008

inching towards maturity

The other morning I was browsing the produce aisles at the local grocery store when I spied a pile of cucumbers. Ah, cucumbers, I thought. You most benign of green vegetables. Perhaps it's time to give you a try again with the kids and help them expand their repertoire beyond the occasional broccoli floret.

So I reached for a cuke, but it was the wrong cuke to reach for, because it sent part of the pile tumbling. In a total spazz-out moment, I lurched to grab the falling veggies with my right hand and at the same time inadvertently squeezed the mocha I was holding in my left hand so that there was a little frothy explosion out the lid and then a spray of hot beverage on the celery stalks below.

I found the produce guy farther down the aisle and said, "Excuse me, I'm really sorry but I somehow managed to create a little spill over by the celery and I just wanted to let you know...."

He looked at me. "It's probably not a good idea to hold your drink over the produce," he said. And then he turned back to stocking the shelves.

The old me would have said, "Excuse me?" or, "Well you're in a bad mood today, aren't you?" or, "Are you always this rude to customers?" The old me would have wanted to get into a fight.

But the new me just walked away from him--and then promptly found a manager to report him to.

Now, the ideal me would have brushed off his remark and gone on with my day. But still, this is progress. Right?


nejyerf said...

i think kudos go to the honest you that admitted that you made a big mess. you COULD just have walked away.

or the vengeful you that could have pinched and poked and prodded and generally defiled his produce!

Cheri said...

Mocha-infused cucumbers might be very tasty! Silly produce man.

Deb Abramson said...

nejyerf: Believe me, it's not like I didn't think about doing something along those lines.

cheri: I totally agree with you about the cucumbers, but it was the celery that got doused.

Jessica said...

Actually this is one of my pet peeves. Customer service has majorly gone down the tubes. I am shocked when a store employee is nice to me. Of course carrying my 10 month old always works well with the grandma-type employees. Maybe they just feel sorry for me for the hell he will put me through in life.

Paida said...

baby steps. baby steps.